Training and Seminars

Zoumana Bamba РIITA-Ibadan

Summary of staff development

A total of 288 trainings were conducted by IITA for staff, partners, and other stakeholders. Table 1 shows the training activities and distributions.

Table 1a. Training distribution by research countries and gender

A total of 18 awards were given as shown below


A total number of 501 interns were recruited: 96 graduate interns (47 male & 49 female) at 6 IITA locations (Ghana, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Tanzania, and Zambia), 314 IT/SIWES (145 male & 169 female) from 73 higher institutions across Nigeria, 2 batches of NYSC with a total number of 91 (31 male & 60 female). IT/SIWES and NYSC are interns applicable in Nigeria only.

Table 1. Graduate Interns

Table  2. IT/SIWES Interns

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